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Testimonials - See what leading chefs are saying about Ridgefield Farms Premium Hereford Beef!

As a chef in a very competitive industry it is incredibly helpful to see the innovative techniques and great products other culinary professionals are using.

Over the years I have filled my menu using beef of various certified programs and from different companies. It wasn’t until 2004 that I found a beef program that day in and day out provides a spectacular cut.

Consistency is the key to our market and with each plate of Ridgefield Farms Premium Hereford Beef I serve I know that my guests will experience the most flavorful, juicy and tender beef available on the market today.

Take a look at what some of the most elite chefs in the industry also have to say about RFPHB.

Exectuive Chef John Armour, Vertos, Huron, SD
Ridgefield Farms Corporate Chef

Executive Chef David Welch, Amedeo’s Restaurant, Kingwood, TX


In my professional career, I have used every type of beef available on the market. For the last year I have been using Ridgefield Farms Premium Hereford Beef exclusively. It is by far the most consistent, tender, trouble free beef I’ve used. My guest’s have told me so, and they know best. Ridgefield Farms Premium Hereford is what’s called “program beef”. “Program beef”, means that the breed itself, not the grading process, is controlled genetically by not allowing cross-breeding to “taint” the bloodline. This way, favorable attributes in beef are promoted by birth, rather than steroids. Try that one with Angus. Ridgefield Farm’s Hereford beef are one hundred percent true bloodline animals, raised in the high mountain plains of Dakota and Washington State. The beef is all natural, and corn fed for a minimum of one hundred and twenty days. I find the flavor of Premium Hereford beef to be bold and rich, and the fat content sufficient without excessive kernel fat and trim. If you ask me, and you did, the first three inches on the chuck-end of a Premium Hereford Rib Eye is probably my favorite steak on the planet. Call Gourmet Ranch for details: 713.861.0909. Simple, quality ingredients + Simple cooking methods = great results, period.


Executive Chef Jason Hicks, Orsay Restaurant, New York City

“At the start of my relationship with Ridgefield farms I was only buying strip loin. Now, due to the sheer quality of their Hereford beef, I now use only their product for all types of dishes. From cuts for braising to cuts for grilling, across the board the quality and consistency is first-class.”