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For Those Who Serve Only the Best

Top chefs choose Ridgefield Farms Premium Hereford beef for its consistent and unmatched quality – our strict program ensures you will get the juiciest, tastiest and most tender steaks every time. This is why fine restaurants, hotels and country clubs from New York to Waikiki serve only Ridgefield Farms Beef.

Steak on the grillRidgefield Farms was founded in 2001 to provide chefs and consumers with a premium beef product that establishes a new standard of quality, consistency and palatability. We use only individually selected Hereford cattle, which time and research have proven to be genetically superior in taste and tenderness. In fact, Hereford cattle have long been valued for their genetic purity, early maturity and rich marbling, which create the best tasting and best performing product possible.

The Ridgefield Farms Beef program produces superior cattle raised in a pristine environment and fed a strict diet of corn and native grains. We guarantee that our USDA Certified Ridgefield Farms Premium Hereford Beef will provide uniformly higher quality product or we will refund your purchase. That’s how confident we are that Ridgefield Farms beef is truly the best tasting beef on the market today.