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Ridgefield Farms FAQ’s – Answers to All Your Questions

Is Premium Hereford Beef graded or inspected?

Premium Hereford Beef is inspected to its own exacting standards of quality as certified by the United States Department of Agriculture. It is leaner than choice or prime graded beef and is consistently more flavorful and tender.

Why is Premium Hereford Beef better?

Hereford Beef is cut from carefully selected breed-specific cattle. The Hereford breed has been recognized for centuries as the beef of choice on the tables of royalty and fine restaurants.

What makes Premium Hereford Beef so tender?

The Hereford breed has been bred and utilized for over three centuries for its eating qualities. Due to its genetics and the feeding regimen specific to this program, Ridgefield Farms beef is known for its superior flavor and tenderness.

What is different about Premium Hereford Beef?

Premium Hereford Beef is a breed-specific program with a USDA Certified Breed Claim, which ensures the integrity of the selection process. In addition, a strict feeding regimen is followed that insures tender, flavorful meat with less fat than regular USDA Choice beef.

Is Premium Hereford Beef a hormone free or all natural product?

Premium Hereford Beef does not make a hormone free or all natural product claims. The strict standards and quality, flavor, and tenderness of Premium Hereford Beef help minimize the use of additives.