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Ridgefield Farms Task Force sets goals

Members of the Ridgefield Farms Task Force discussed future goals and the timeline to implement them at their second meeting on January 5th. Members of the Task Force include: Phil Friend, Kelley Ramsdell and Dennis Wiese of Ridgefield Farms; Karen Tufty, Warren Ludeman, Ron Smith and Mark Bonrud from the city of Flandreau; Dan Sutton, Bill Nibelink, Scott Ramsdell, Sandra Koester and Jason Taylor of the Flandreau Development Corporation. The members of the task force represent those entities that have a financial involvement with Ridgefield Farms of South Dakota. A major item of discussion at the meeting was finding a way to create a retail presence in the community. With several ideas being processed, the group hopes to have a retail outlet available by late winter. For anyone who is looking for Ridgefield Farms, at the present time, contact should be make at their office in the West End Plaza. It is a goal of Ridgefield Farms to have an active presence in the community. The group also focused on a timeline for future plans of RFSD. With a retail outlet in place by late winter, the group hopes to have a cold storage facility built in the community by the summer of 2007. The goal is to create an LLC by late summer that would then work towards a more long-term goal of the fabrication facility in Flandreau’s Industrial Park. RFSD has announce that Dan Sutton has been named a member of the Ridgefield Farms Board of Managers. Two other appointees include Paul Symens of Amherst, SD and Marvin Jensen of Evansville, MN. The latter two members arealso part of the Farmers Union Industries Board, with the Farmers Union being a partner with Ridgefield Farms. The task force will continue to meet on a regular basis and anyone with questions on the plans and goals of RFSD may discuss them with a task force member.