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Ridgefield Farms moves forward with reaffirmed support

HURON, SD, July 12, 2005—Ridgefield Farms President/CEO Phil Friend released the following statement thanking investors across the state for their vote of confidence and continued support.

“We would like to thank investor organizations, producers, and business partners who have stood firmly behind this project for our shared vision and commitment to economic development in South Dakota. The fundamental direction of Ridgefield Farms remains the same. We will move forward in our plans to more fully integrate our operations into South Dakota. The immediate plans include finalizing discussions that will allow Ridgefield Farms to purchase and process South Dakota grown cattle.”

“Right now we are reviewing the rescissions and are pleased to announce that the majority of the funds committed to the project remain intact. We will be in contact with our investors soon with our future direction. This project represents an extraordinary opportunity for communities and producers in this state and we are committed to building a great business in a great state.”