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Implementing Innovation

Nowhere in the world will there be a plant equipped with the technology and innovation found in the new Ridgefield Farms processing facility in Flandreau, South Dakota. Designed and built to exceed every standard and expectation if facilities in operation today, and well into the future, the plant will be a showcase of revolutionary concepts in the meat industry.

Ridgefield Farms has teamed with Scanvaegt International and the Navimeat and HACCP division of IBM to accomplish what no processing plant has done before. This sophisticated plant, slated to open in early 2006, will ensure complete traceability and source verification from the lush pastures in which our cattle are raised to the styled plates of our ultimate consumers. With the ability to track our beef each step of the way, we guarantee Ridgefield Farms Premium Hereford Beef will always be the safest beef on the market.

Dedicated Scanvaegt experts and some of the nationís leading meat professionals will be on-site every day to guide operations and production. Our new plant will be an international showcase to display first-hand our innovation in action as well as our continued commitment to quality.